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3 ply Masks

Disposable face mask

Our 3 ply surgical masks are especially manufactured to protect you from all types of airborne virus, bacteria, and deadly pollution. Built with three layers of soft non-woven polypropylene these 3 ply masks prevent contamination of respiratory droplets. These masks are a popular demand amongst the 3 ply mask wholesale USA market for their top quality and skin friendly materials.

We source these products from top 3 ply mask manufacturers in the USA to assure your safety and satisfaction.These specially designed 3 ply masks are as comfortable as they are effective . With a mere thickness of 0.04mm, this mask feels very light on the face along with elastic ear loops that are flat and well-designed to fit. You can buy 3 ply masks in bulk at ExportBarn to get the best deals and varieties across 3 ply mask wholesale USA markets.

Check our wide range of 3 ply masks wholesale offers.

  • 3 Ply Adult Mask – Black

    $240.00 / Case
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  • Blue Surgical Mask Supplier & Wholesaler in USA

    3 Ply Adult Mask – Blue

    $240.00 / Case
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  • Blue Surgical Face Mask Supplier & Wholesaler

    3 Ply Adult Mask – Premium

    $300.00 / Case
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  • 3 Ply Kids Mask — Blue

    $240.00 / Case
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Most frequently asked questions and answers
Ans: 3 ply masks come in various categories, some are reusable while some are disposable.Ideally you should use a fresh mask every day or the mask should be disposed carefully after use; after coming home from outside/public places/unsanitized places. At Export Barn you can buy 3 ply masks in bulk that come in high quality with filtration of up to 98 percent for 3 micron particles that are highly recommended by healthcare experts. These 3 ply masks are made to fit with a flexible nose pin, skin friendly material and plastic loops to support the ears.
Ans: ExportBarn brings you top quality 3 ply masks that match the global standards of protection and safety. These 3 ply masks with precision folding prevents the airborne particles and keeps you safe all day without creating uncomfort to your face or your breathing! It is one of the most popular demands across the 3 ply mask wholesale market.
Ans: 3 ply masks or surgical masks are one the most popular types of masks that are worn across the globe. These masks are effective and safe and can be used by anyone easily. First, the mask should be big enough to cover your nose and your mouth with a good fit on the lower half of the face without any gaps. Second, it should be comfortable enough for you to breathe but sturdy enough to stay in place. Our special 3 ply masks come handy with an adjustable nose pin and ear loops that fits any face size or shape perfectly.
Ans: Living in the age of a pandemic, wearing a mask has become a part of our everyday outfit. Our premium range of 3 ply masks prevents any type of airborne virus and restricts the spread of respiratory droplets. At ExportBarn we bring you a variety of premium 3 play masks in bulk that not just protects you from the virus but also keeps your face comfortable with a perfect fit.

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