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Surgical bouffants caps

High-grade surgical bouffant caps that are an essential commodity in the healthcare industry , manufacturing industry as well as hospitality industry. Being one of the top surgical bouffants cap suppliers we assure you the best quality products even in a bulk buy. These bouffant caps are used for various purposes to maintain hygiene standards. Our surgical bouffant cap manufacturers have made these masks with 100% spunbond Polypropylene, it has elastic bands for a safe and secure fit cover on the head which is ideal for Pharmaceutical and lab environments use. It is a trusted product amongst industries looking for surgical bouffant to bulk buy as the our hair nets are anti-hair loss, sweat-free, and dust-proof with a unisex design that is available in 24 Inch / 21 Inch / 18 Inch.


Most frequently asked questions and answers
Ans: Surgical bouffants are the perfect alternative to hair nets that are usually used in restaurants. These bouffants are very comfortable, sweat-free, and dust-proof that makes it very convenient to wear while working in the kitchen. You can place bulk orders of bouffant surgical caps and avail exciting discounts.
Ans: Our specially manufactured surgical bouffants are made of 100% spunbond Polypropylene with an encapsulated elastic edge for a sizable fit. This material is breathable and comfortable for wear while engaging in surgical procedures.
Ans: A bouffant cap must be worn on the head to cover all your scalp and ears to minimize any type of contamination or fall out from the same. Make sure to use fresh bouffant caps after every use as it may contain residue or dust on the outer. With ExportBarn surgical bouffants bulk buy has become easy as we source the best quality products for 100% customer satisfaction. We are the top sourcing solution for surgical bouffants, cap suppliers and wholesalers.
Ans: Surgical bouffant caps are used in various industries including hospitality, restaurants, art and painting, manufacturing industries, laboratories or even sometimes during make ups. The primary purpose of these skull caps is to stop the hair or any fall offs from the scalp to contaminate the product or practice.

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