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N95 Face Mask

Our premium quality of N95 masks comes in a wide range of selection which is carefully manufactured, stored and delivered to you. These masks act effectively in acting as a barrier against all unwanted particles and droplets that may cause severe health problems. We source these products from best surgical N95 mask manufacturers across the globe that are made with premium quality raw materials and are absolutely trustworthy. Our variety of N95 masks include Black Folded Masks, White Folded Masks and N95 Cup face masks.  

These masks are made with special 5 layer protection that provides upto 98% of effective filtration White Spunbond 50 GSM +  Meltblown 25 GSM + Hot Blown Cotton 60 GSM +  Meltblown 25 GSM + Spunbond 25 GSM


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Ans: Ideally you should not use the mask once worn outside or in the presence of others in a public place unless it is washable. In case of N95 masks, you may reuse it in a day but make sure to discard once you think the mask is getting deformed or dirty safely wrap it and discard.

Ans: At Export Barn we sell our products on lowest margins at bulk ordering. Here’s the breakdown of masks quantity and bulk purchase-
3 count/packet N95 masks   -3 masks in one packet
                                                   -300 packets in each case.(900 masks)
10 count/ packet                   -10 masks in a retail Box
                                                 -40 retail boxes in each case (400 masks)
20 Count/packet                   -20 masks in a retail box
                                                 -20 retail boxes in a case (400 masks)

Ans:  You may avail immediate discount while ordering online from ExportBarn if you’re placing a bulk order. We source high quality products to sell on our platform with great bulk offers and discounts.
If you buy single packets the approximate cost comes to $1.75 a mask whereas while purchasing in bulk the cost of one mask calculates to $1. The pricing of these masks is effective if purchased in bulk.

Ans: N95 masks are extremely effective when it comes to bacterial and viral protection. These masks come equipped with a mouth piece that filters out 95% of unwanted droplets and particles while breathing through the mask. Usually these masks come with adjustable nose pins and comfortable ear loops. Make sure the material is skin friendly and non-allergic to your skin.

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