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Medical shower caps

A shower cap is generally worn to keep the hair dry during a shower but our multipurpose plastic hair cover on the other hand, can be used for a variety of things, including hair treatments and coloring, hairdos, spray tans, sleeping, cooking, dressing, relaxing time, swimming, medical activities, and hospitality work. These premium quality medical shower caps are popularly in demand across various different businesses. These medical shower caps are made of high quality plastic unlike other shower caps that tend to tear even after a single use. Being one of the best medical shower cap suppliers in the US, Export Barn promises to deliver the best in class products. These medical shower caps are easy to use, unsex and come with an enclosed elastic on the edges to give a perfect fit to people with short or long hair.


Most frequently asked questions and answers
Ans: At ExortBarn we make sure that all our products match the compliance standards which is why we only source products from medical shower cap manufacturers that use premium quality materials. These shower caps are also disposable just like the one that is usually provided in hotels but we assure you that the quality of our products is way better and can be used for many other purposes than just showering.
Ans: While bouffants are used to restrict the contamination that includes hair fall, dandruff, dry scales etc and usually made up of breathable material, medical shower caps are mainly used for keeping the hair dry while in the shower or other beauty purposes. The material of shower caps is usually waterproof or plastic. At ExportBarn you can browse through various types of products that we offer that are essential daily commodities including bouffants and shower caps, exclusively sourced from the best and order them in bulk and get more than value for money.
And: The primary use of medical shower caps is in the name, these caps are worn during taking a shower to protect hair and scalp from getting wet. Medical shower caps can alternatively be used for various other purposes such as while cooking, getting hair treatments, sleeping with oil or products on the head and many more. Basically, these caps are an essential to have anywhere you go.
Ans: Medical shower caps are generally disposable and should be thrown away after use. Although, shower caps can be reused for storing footwears, toiletries, and other liquids while travelling. The plastic is waterproof and doesn’t let the dust or the liquid out and is a sustainable option to use instead of a plastic bag. Medical shower caps are also popularly used in the hospitality sector, restaurants, spas and salons and many other industries and works. If you’re also looking for similar products for your business, check out our products and avail great bulk discounts.

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