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Spunbond Beard Nets

Forming a part of protective clothing, beard nets help meet safety, hygiene and health protocols. Covering facial hair, these beard nets can be used for multiple applications. They are a crucial face accessory that can be used in many industries, as a part of Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Beard Nets in White Color
  • Loop Size 16 inches
  • 25 packed in Poly bag
  • No Retail Case


GSM: 12

Size: 16-18 Inch

Packaging: Polybag


1000 pcs in a Master Case

$100.00 / Case

$0.10 / piece

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Quantity Discount
5 - 9 Cases 5%
10 - 14 Cases 10%
15 - 19 Cases 15%
> 20 Cases 20%


Disposable Spunbond Beard Nets

  • Breathable spun bond material
  • Perfect fit for all.
  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Latex-free design. 
  • Ideal for use in restaurants, food processing facilities, catering businesses, and retail.

We believe hygiene and protection should be top priorities in any industry. Our disposable beard nets are well-designed for different applications as these are employed in multiple industries. Manufactured from Polypropylene for superb moisture transportation, the mesh confines the hair at the root and lets the wearer breathe easily without condensation accumulation.

Our spunbond disposable beard nets comes in 16-18 inches, which fits almost everyone with ease. Ensure to choose the size as per your requirement. We offer 100 pieces per Polybag X 30 = 3000 pieces per case. 

As the leading spunbond disposable beard nets wholesaler USA, Exportbarn offers quality beard nets made from lightweight materials, delivering comfortable fit at affordable prices. With us, you can even avail amazing discount options on each case quantity.  

  • To maintain work environments sanitary, especially in restaurants, food processing facilities, hospitals and more, wear disposable beard nets. 
  • Elastic bands hold the hood in place to secure a tight and comfortable fit
  • Our beard nets are designed to be a one-time use item.
  • A perfect protection option for people who have latex allergies.
  • Keeps hair from falling in food or on equipment to avoid unnecessary situations. 


FAQs For Spunbond Disposable Beard Nets

What are the Benefits of Wearing a beard cap?

Cleanliness is the key factor in any industry that can’t be overlooked. As many industries recommended wearing hairnets to their employees, beard nets would also be necessary.

Protection is another important factor as a beard net prevents tiny hair from falling around. It can be unhygienic as facial hair has more skin infections and consists of germs than regular hair.

Should People Wear A Beard Cap?

People who work as food processors, chefs, surgeons, or even mechanics should cover beard hair. It is highly important for others’ safety and health. As the well-known spunbond disposable beard nets manufacturer, we recommend wearing our beard net to fully cover the chin, jawline, moustache, and sideburns. 

How Do Disposable Beard Nets Work?

Similar to a hair net, beard nets cover up the facial hair, protecting the jawline with elastic coarse mesh that’s well-secured around your ears. They’re generally made from nylon netting or lightweight breathable cotton. 

Is Beard hair nets useful? 

Wearing beard hair nets can prevent human hair from contaminating the product or simply keep hair away from the equipment. Moreover, some industries list beard cover as a prominent part of the personal protective tool that must be worn before the employees enter the workspace.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 76 × 34 × 32 cm

16 Inch, 17 Inch, 18 Inch


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