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3 Ply Adult Mask - Black

  • Filtration of up to 98 percent for 3 micron particles
  • Best in class effectiveness throughout the market. 
  • 95+ BFE Meltblown
  • Made from 3 ply material. 
  • Designed to fit your face and stay in place. 
  • Highly Breathable 
  • Nosepin and ear loops for added comfort.



GSM: 100

Size: Adult (175 by 95 mm)

Packaging: Retail Box


2,000 Masks in a Master Case

$240.00 / Case

$240 / Case

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Quantity Discount
5 - 9 Cases 5%
10 - 14 Cases 10%
15 - 19 Cases 15%
> 20 Cases 20%


Product Description 

Our 3 ply black surgical mask is the most effective mask in the market today. These masks are made with the highest global standards and are preferred by medical healthcare workers. Also known as surgical masks, 3 ply black surgical masks are very popular today. 

They are the most effective masks in the industry. This three-ply material is made up of a melt-blown polymer, most commonly polypropylene, placed between non-woven fabric. The nosepin contours the face. 

The black surgical mask covers the nose and the mouth. It also has ear loops to keep them in place. Masks act as effective barriers in keeping all kinds of microorganisms, infections, viruses etc at bay.

  • To ensure extra safety of the mask, the outer layer is locked in with a film. 
  • The inner material is made using premium quality Meltblown and the outer layers are made with spunbond non-woven fabric and melt blown filter fabric. 
  • It is made of highly breathable fabric and is very comfortable to wear. Even for those who are not used to wearing masks, this is the ideal face mask. 
  • The nosepin and ear loops help keep the mask in place and ensure a seamless experience. 
  • You can wear it to the mall, grocery store, airport, wedding, outdoor events etc.

What is the need for face masks?

Face masks are useful in preventing infections and protecting you from harmful particles & bacteria. These particles can enter your body via the respiratory system and a face mask ensures that they are filtered out. Thus, the spread of diseases gets limited. 

How do the face masks work?

The 3 play black surgical mask uses the tandem effect of three layers at one time. The key is the quality of the inner layer, The quality of the Meltblown guarantees utmost protection by disallowing harmful particles to enter your body from the mouth and the nose. Meltblown is a white tissue paper like fabric that filters 95% of bacteria, 95 BFE.

When does one need to wear a face mask?

As per guidelines provided by the government, face masks are mandatory in public places at the time of a pandemic. Otherwise too, you can use these face masks on a daily basis while visiting  crowded places, using public transport etc. 

Can consumers reuse disposable face masks?

You can use one face mask per day. Ideally, you need to discard a disposable face mask when used once. You need to throw it in a covered bin and wash your hands after doing so. 

Is the 3 ply face mask effective?

For most infections and for daily use, 3 ply surgical masks with 95+ BFE Meltblown are considered to be the most effective among the other variants. They are also comfortable to wear and are made from breathable fabric. The consumer needs to be aware of the quality of the inner layer. Most chinese 3 ply masks have very low quality Meltblown or none at all.



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Adult (175 by 95 mm)


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